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Hi, I'm Leonardo Echenique, founder of Software de Arte. Please, feel free to write your comments, suggestion, questions, or anything that you like. Your participation always helps to make the application better.

You can contact me writing here, by email, in the app forum, or in Facebook. Keep in mind that if you have an email filter it's possible that you will not receve my answer. If this happend, try writing in the Facebook page.

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How to start

Galilaea is a career oriented management software for galleries, art dealers and artists.

Setup (Me)

Start by defining your own role (Me) within the application. You are an artist? gallerist? or perhaps both?

Add contacts

Continue adding contacts and establishing their roles. You can import contacts directly from your address book so you don't need to type again.

Add Artworks

Now you can add artworks. If you are a gallery manager you will prefer to organize by artist. If you are an artist organize by collections serial bodies of work, period, etc.

Document History

Make invoices, document exhibitions, awards, press reviews, etc. Artwork history are automatlically updated, also the artists curriculum.

Galilaea is developed by Software de Arte, a division of Ediciones Fugaz Antorcha.